Diploma in Applied Data Science

Course Objective:
To provide participants knowledge of the use of data science & analytics to predict the future and solve problems from business problems from manufacturing, banking, healthcare to oil & gas. In this course, we focus on how to use data to develop insights and predictive capabilities using machine learning, data mining and forecasting techniques.

Learning Outcome:               
1. Introduce basic principles and techniques in data analytics. Gain knowledge about the methods of Data Mining to include proactive analysis, predictive modeling and identifying new trends.
2. Become conversant with concepts in analytics and how these terms can be applied to gathering, understanding, and analyzing data sets.
3. Learn how to produce quantitative analysis reports relative and visualisation.
4. Be able to explain the concepts of basic quantitative methods and their purpose and importance to data mining to identify proper application of reports for agencies.
5. Be able to identify and analyze basic machine learning algorithms, methods, and tools.
6. Identify, evaluate, and capture business analytic opportunities that create value.
7. Be able to apply critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills to the entire process of data mining and the results of such.
8. Know how to identify areas in which business analytics can be used to support.

Course duration: Weekends ( Saturdays only) for 2 Months
Entry Qualifications:Holders of University degrees OND HND/Bsc/Msc from recognized institutions holders of professional qualifications

Commencement Date: October, 2019