Certificate in Data Analysis and Management

Course Objective

To provide hands on experience to the participants in analysis and interpreting of data using, SPSS and E-VIEW statistical software.

1st DietDuration:        March 14th – May 3rd 2016
Time:                          5:30 – 8:00pm (Evenings)
Form:                          N3, 000
Fees:                           N37, 000

2nd Diet:                          Sept. 12th – Nov. 8th 2016

Advanced Certificate in data Analysis and Management

Course Objective:

To expose participant to techniques of analysis and interpretation of complex data, develop capacity on the use of advanced applications of statistical software and expose participant to the theory, meaning and interpretation of statistical concepts.

1st Diet Duration:March 14th – May 3rd 2016     
Day:                                  5:30 -8:00pm
Time:                                5:30pm – 8:00pm (Evenings)
Form:                               N3, 000
Fees:                                N47, 000
2nd Diet:                          Sept. 12th – Nov. 8th 2016

Introducing Executive Session
1st Diet Duration:               March 19th – 9th April, 2016 (1 month)
Day:                                    Saturdays
Time:                                  10 -2pm
Fees:                                   N70, 000
2nd Diet:                             Sept. 17th – Oct. 15th 2016