Executive Diploma in Dredging and Drainage Management

Course Content:
Theories of Dredging; Dredging in Practice; Surveying and Geoinformatics; Essentials of Drainage Systems; Soil and Rock Formations; Geographical Information Systems; Dredging Practice and Management  in Nigeria; Supporting Plants and Equipment for Dredging and Drainage Works; Sourcing Equipment: Import, Export, Acquisition and Leasing in Nigeria; Management of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHDs); Dredging Equipment Maintenance and Repairs; Environmental impacts of Dredging Activities; Drainage Case Studies; Managing Efficient Dredging Firms; Banking, Finance and Insurance for Dredging and Drainage Projects; Bidding for Dredging Contracts; Managing Host Community Relations; Training and Human Capacity Development for the Dredging Sub-Sectors; Project Assignment.

Programme duration:        Six Months (Weekend / Saturdays Only)
Lecture Time:                     9:00am – 6:00pm
Start Date:                          July 2016

Tuition:                       N200, 000     
Material:                     N50, 000
Total:                          N250, 000