Professor Adebayo Otitoloju resumed duties as the new Managing Director of Unilag Consult Ltd. in February, 2017. He is a competent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic visionary, management consultant, research expert and lecturer.

He acquired all his degrees in Zoology at the University of Lagos. He has over 26 years cognate experience with excellent track record in teaching, research and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has trained and researched extensively in the areas of heavy metals monitoring and biological effects; crude oil effects and loss of bioactivity; effects of pesticides on targeted and non-targeted organisms; genotoxic effects of pollutants; and N-terminal sequence analysis and identification of genes responsible for heavy metal resistance. Professor Adebayo has quite an extensive portfolio as an environmental consultant, having led and participated in well over 50 environmental projects. Moreover, he has 130 publications, composed of 59 articles in international and national peer reviewed journals, 1 book and 70 commissioned works and contributions to environmental assessment reports. He was a recipient of the 2004 Development Co-Operation Prize by the Belgian Government and the World Laboratory Fellowship by the ICSC Switzerland. He is a Professor of Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management of the University of Lagos. Additionally, he has been a visiting researcher to the Kings College London (KCL), University of London and a Senior Research Adviser to the Corporate Environment Department of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria. His ample knowledge and expertise will indeed bring about momentous achievements in his new position as the Managing Director of Unilag Consult Limited.