This course teaches students with no basic knowledge of programming or a background in computer science how games work under the hood. During the course, students will create both 2D and 3D gameplay mechanics, learn game development techniques, and complete challenges and quizzes along the way to solidify and expand their knowledge.

For a period of 5 days, students will develop game development skills and enhance their creative side through a series of exercises using Unity (a professional game engine) + Bolt (a visual programming tool). On each day, students will learn the basics of programming and game design by following through some exercises.

By the end of this course, students with no prior experience at all will have discovered how to design and develop their own video games by using the same tools the pros use.

What the students gain through this course:
  • Recognise simple game design concepts
  • Enjoy using simple drag and drop logic/programming to create game mechanics
  • Practise fundamental game design principles
  • Develop essential game design skills and creativity
  • Learn to build their own games from start to finish