This course is intended to provide beginners with the basic knowledge of website design and development. It will start out with a proper introduction to the necessary languages needed for designing websites and there will also be an accessibility (a11y) and semantic element training. There will also be a thinking workshop which shows the students the best way to find out solutions to problems their trying to fix online.

Over the duration of the week, the students will apply the knowledge they were taught in class towards developing a fully functional, responsive and aesthetically pleasing portfolio page which will display their projects from the other workshops. The students will also be given an introductory course to working with version control using Git and Github and they will be taught how to deploy static websites to Git Pages.

What the students gain through this course:
  • Learn how to build websites
  • Understand the need for accessibility in websites
  • Learn how to make websites responsive
  • Learn how to use semantic elements
  • Learn about version control
  • Learn how to translate design to code
  • Improve their eye for design by recreating projects from Dribbble
  • Learn how to find answers to errors using Google and StackOverflow
  • Practice manipulating existing websites using browser developer tools
Technical Takeaways:
  • Semantic HTML Elements
  • Styling with CSS
  • Responsiveness using CSS Media Queries
  • Manipulating DOM elements using Javascript
  • Javascript Logic and Conditional statements
  • Working with Git in the command console
  • Navigating through Github
  • Deploying static web pages